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From its humble beginnings 35 years ago, MRD (Midwest Rail and Dismantling) began its business by performing regional construction and demolition services on railroad track lines for large and short-line railroad companies. As the years progressed, the company began working nationally by evolving into a firm capable of performing much larger scale demolitions, including paper mills, power plants, foundries, baseball stadiums, hospitals, multi-storied buildings, and other large industrial and commercial sites.


In an ongoing effort to provide a more all-inclusive service to our rapidly growing client base, MRD added metal recycling, concrete recycling, asbestos and lead-based paint abatement, environmental site remediation, asset recovery, renovation, and construction services that are today known aggregately as The MRD Group.


MRD today has the workforce, equipment, and financial strength to buy closed or stressed industrial or commercial sites. We then dismantle, recycle, environmentally clean, reconstruct, and repurpose these sites for other uses within the local communities.


You can trust and rely upon MRD to provide a completely safe and efficient turnkey operation for your site!



For many years, The MRD Group has understood that any successful venture is built upon mutual trust. We know that trust is not just freely given; it is earned! From the first phone call or handshake, through the contract arrangements, and finally upon job conclusion, our goal is to build trust by exceeding our client's expectations and completing their projects on time, on budget, and to their specifications.

No matter what your particular project requires, be it a simple single structure or complex full-site plant demolition, environmental remediation, abatement, asset recovery, or a complete site repurposing that encompasses all or part of these services, MRD can provide you with a sole source turnkey operation derived from realistic, well thought out and planned solutions.

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