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No matter what your particular site requires, be it a simple single structure or complex full site plant demolition, environmental remediation, abatement, asset recovery or a complete site repurposing that encompasses all or part of these services, MRD can provide you with a sole source turnkey operation through realistic, well thought out and planned solutions.







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Sometimes a project is just a function of a simple dig, haul, and dispose of. At MRD, we possess the manpower and equipment to remove anywhere from one truckload to thousands of truckloads or material no matter whether the material is non-hazardous or hazardous. Depending on the logistics, we may even employ local or onsite rail spurs to more cost-effective transport and dispose of exceptionally large quantities of materials if the situation warrants it. As with any large-scale project, proper logistical planning always makes the project run smoothly and cost-effectively.


Each plant and facility bring with it, its own special combination of hazards, pitfalls, and complexities. Having staff on board who have already safely demolished highly hazardous chemical and pharmaceutical plant facilities, we understand the need to effectively decontaminate the site prior to beginning demolition activities in any suspect areas. This involves proper site planning that includes scheduling first, all the line breaks, cleaning and capture of hazardous chemicals, universal waste removal, and/or asbestos and lead-based paint removal so that we can now safely and efficiently render your plant and underground infrastructure, ready for an asset sale, recovery, reuse, or demolition.


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In an ever increasingly competitive world, we realize that every dollar counts. Recovering value from recycling structures helps MRD to offset the costs incurred from other demolition and remediation activities on site. In some cases, the asset value may exceed the demolition costs thereby allowing MRD to actually pay the client for the privilege of demolishing their site. In addition, MRD has on various occasions, actually purchased sites outright including the property. In these instances, we would assume all costs related to any demolition or site remediation that may be necessary and relieve the owner of any and all current or future liability.


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The MRD Group is fully committed to recycling materials from project sites. We take pride in achieving the highest possible recycling rate on every project by carefully deconstructing buildings, plant facilities, and other structures of as many components as possible (i.e., concrete, asphalt, wood, gravel, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, refrigerants, and oils) We have the capabilities to process and recycle materials at our main yard in Milwaukee or on-site depending on the logistics and the needs of our clients. This effort not only cuts down costs to our customers but significantly increases the lifespan of our diminishing landfills. The MRD Group is one of the top industry leaders in both percentage and types of materials recycled.


Since the whole purpose of demolishing or repurposing a plant or facility is generally that it has become either old or obsolete, it is quite common to find that these old structures may have asbestos and/or lead based paint that must be abated. MRD employs a staff of completely trained and certified abatement and remediation specialists that make sure that removing these hazardous materials will be done correctly and legally. With all waste being properly profiled, manifested and disposed of according to all county, state, and federally pertinent laws.


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Whether your tank or vessel is elevated or below ground, MRD will decommission your tank or vessel through tank cleaning, vapor purging, refractory removal, asbestos or lead abatement, demolition, and recycling.


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