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​The MRD Group is fully committed to recycling materials from project sites. The MRD Group takes pride in achieving the highest possible recycling rate with every project by carefully deconstructing buildings and salvaging materials. Over 25 years of experience has allowed The MRD Group to become an industry leader in both the percentage and type of materials recycled.

The MRD Group has the ability to process materials at our shop in West Milwaukee or on-site depending on the needs of our clients. This effort not only cuts down on costs to our customers, but significantly increases the lifespan of our diminishing landfills.​​



​The MRD Group provides a complete line of worry-free services to assist customers in minimizing their liability exposure and improving the quality of the environment. The MRD Group has successfully completed numerous remediation projects involving soil contamination, PCB's, lead and asbestos containing materials. Our Environmental Services promote the reclamation of land and materials, and improving the overall quality of the environments in which we all live and work.  The MRD Group's general manager is a geologist and a state of Wisconsin asbestos inspector.  Our sales manager / estimator is also a state of Wisconsin asbestos inspector.  75% of our laborers and operators hold state of Wisconsin asbestos supervisor or worker certificates.  There is a definite advantage to having a one stop  service provider for all aspects of your project.


​The MRD Group's heart is in demolition. It's where we started and it's where we continue to shine today. For over 25 years, The MRD Group has provided its clients with cost-effective, on-time work accomplished by a professional, experienced and well managed team. From pre-project planning to worry free on-site performance - The MRD Group is an industry leader. The MRD Group excels at removing structures and dismantling facilities; these services are performed quickly, safely and with minimal business interruption.

State-of-the-art demolition methods and equipment are used to promote cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Our experience is highly diversified; depending on the specific situation, other unique demolition methods are often devised by our experienced personnel. Whether the assignments is large or small - lasts several days or months, The MRD Group has the experience, resources and equipment needed to assure timely and orderly demolition and dismantling.