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The MRD Group has performed many interesting and challenging projects over the years.  Take a look at the project photo pages and see if you can recognize some of the high profile projects we have completed.  Whether the project calls for a very aggressive schedule, demanding working conditions, environmental issues or difficult demolition situations, The MRD Group is up to the assignment.

Because of changing architectural styles,  there will always be work removing old buildings to make way for new construction.  There are however, certain trends that change in our business and The MRD Group has the flexibility to change with the times.

As an example, many facilities have decided to remove propane backup tanks as an alternative energy source.  There are special handling procedures for removing or dismantling propane tanks, even if they have been empty for years.  There is currently a lot of interest in clearing out old machinery and production lines to free up areas for storage or new production lines.  This in combination with reduction of un-needed square footage reduces overhead and carrying costs.

Recently, the government has obsoleted the coal powered energy plants that were the backbone of the American power grid.  All energy companies and manufacturing facilities with coal powered boilers are investigating retrofitting or eliminate these boilers.

No matter what the future holds, The MRD Group is ready to face the unlimited demolition, environmental and recycling challenges of the twenty first century.